The Beautiful Valley Of The Sun

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The Valley Of The Sun, also known as Phoenix, boasts year-round warm temperatures and makes the perfect environment for enjoying beautiful weather. You can expect about 300 days a year to be sunnier than ever. While the heat may be in the 100s, don’t worry because it’s a soothing dry heat that won’t get you all sweaty. For most who are used to colder environments and the humid weather swings of the northeast, Phoenix will without a doubt be your new favorite place to live.

North Phoenix resort condominiums is a great place to consider raising your family. Its cost of living is actually below the national average, which means that you can enjoy more money in your budget. The education systems available in this great city are vast and will ensure that your children receive a great education. Phoenix offers many public, private, and charter schools for kids of all ages with a student to teacher ratio of 19 to 1. You’ll also find an abundance of great colleges including the University of Phoneix, Phoenix College, and the Arizona State University.

Uprooting your family and moving them to this new sunny paradise can be somewhat stressing at first. Deciding on the type of home to buy and where you want to live within the city can be a tough decision. There are many single family homes, apartments, and condos available for living. You’ll need to take into account your budget, proximity to work and schools as well as many other factors that affect where you may choose to live. While on your home search, we highly encourage you to consider the possibility of purchasing a condo for your home. Condos sport many benefits and tend to be the housing type of choice within the popular city of Phoenix.

If you’re unfamiliar with what condos are, let’s take a few minutes to help you to better understand them, in general. Condos, also referred to as condominiums, are essentially a hybrid between a home and an apartment. You will purchase this piece of housing instead of paying a monthly rental fee. You will, however, be expected to pay a monthly or yearly condo association fee. You’ll find that condos are constructed in close proximity to one another. For example, you may have row houses where you share a wall with your neighbors or you may live in a high-rise where your neighbors are above and below you.